Melbourne2020 Partnerships

The Melbourne2020 International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships is a significant undertaking for the LGBTIQ+ sporting community in Melbourne.

We are seeking partners who share some of the same values as us in promoting LGBTIQ participation in sport, building community ties between like minded organisations, promoting diversity of expression in our communities and providing a positive image of LGBTIQ people enjoying fitness and fun activities.

There are many ways you can become involved:


We are always interested in talking with organisations interested in supporting the aims of Melbourne2020. You can be a corporate business, or a pride network within and existing business or a small business enterprise.

We would love to discuss a detailed sponsorship package customised to your organisation’s capacity to support that provides the most effective benefits and outcomes for both yourselves and Melbourne2020.

Benefits to sponsors could include:

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If you would like to walk with us as we decorate Melbourne2020 IGLA Champions and have free time to contribute, we would love to have you as a volunteer.

Please fill in the below form to receive the latest updates for our volunteering needs and be listed as one of our volunteer helpers.

Angel Donors

If you would just like to contribute personally to our efforts we will always accept donations to support the staging of this event.

Check back here soon for details on how to donate to our cause.

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