Melbourne2020 is proudly hosted by two of Melbourne's premier aquatics teams; the Glamourhead Sharks and Melbourne Surge

The Glamourhead Sharks

Established in 2001 by a group of swimmers interested in attending the 2002 Gay Games, the Glamourhead Sharks have since grown into one of Melbourne’s largest masters swimming clubs. Competing at local, national and international events we aim to provide an environment for LGBTI swimmers and their friends to participate in competitive and fitness swimming.

We are extremely pleased to be supporting Melbourne2020 and being the host club for the swimming component of Melbourne2020 IGLA Championships and look forward to welcoming all our visitors to Melbourne.

Our Aims Are:

Surge Waterpolo

Melbourne Surge Water Polo Club continues to be among the fastest growing water polo clubs in Australia and one of the oldest LGBTI water polo club’s in the country. Based in the heart of Melbourne, Surge is proud to be offer a safe and inclusive environment for competitive and social players alike from across our LGBTIQ communities. With IGLA 2020 coming to Melbourne, Surge is excited to welcome LGBTIQ athletes from across the globe as they touch down in Australia in February 2020.

Since the club’s start in the lead up to the 2002 Gay Games, Surge now enters five competitive teams in Water Polo Victoria’s State League Championships as well as recreational and competitive teams in interstate and international competitions. With a longstanding dedication to inclusion in sport, Surge’s annual Rookies program introduces dozens of LGBTIQ community members to water polo every year.

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